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I’m a Master Fitness Trainer. A fitness enthusiast and a passionate woman that loves to help people transform and change their whole lifestyle to a fit and healthy one! Started young in this career since 2014, educated myself through participating in Workshops and registrating for Sports Science International accrediting courses, and applying all what i learned practically. Kept gaining experience more and more each and everyday. Firstly i started as an Aerobics instructor, and my group classes where very motivating, energetic, powerful and also full of joy, happy moments and success stories. Afterwards i wanted to help each and every person through one to one coaching. So i started working as a Personal Trainer, to help my clients individually with each one’s different case/fitness level and goal. I worked with the world’s most famous well known and internationally a trademark in the Fitness history GOLD’S GYM. Worked 4 years with the highest quality of fitness coaching service in the world. Firstly as a Personal Trainer, then upgraded to the fitness management department As a Senior Trainer and still upgrading. Learned a lot from this place and gained a lot of experience. Helped empower many people reach their body and health goals. This helped me stay more passionate than ever and will never stop. Started Online Coaching since 2017 and also helped many people enhance their fitness performance, get stronger, fitter and reach their perfect shape. I’m a Certified fitness trainer, A Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, A Specialist in Strength and Conditioning coach / Performance Specialist ( where i help athletes in different sports , to enhance their fitness and sport performance), Yoga instructor, Powerlifting coach, and a Certified Gym and Health Club Manager. Would love to help you join my team and help you acheive all your Body, Fitness and Health dreams! :)



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